Arizona voters describe difficulties voting; poll workers failed to inform voters about retrying rejected ballots
11/16/2022 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Arizona voters describe difficulties voting; poll workers failed to inform voters about retrying rejected ballots

It would be comical if it were not so profoundly damaging to the country: the blatant, in-your-face voter fraud that once again stole the 2022 midterm elections for Democrats.

In Arizona, an important swing state, voters say they had trouble casting their ballots. They were also not informed that rejected ballots could be recast, which is unfortunate since so many ballots apparently failed to process through the machines that people began uploading videos about their negative experiences to social media.

Multiple videos are circulating to suggest that voting in Arizona this election cycle was difficult, to say the least.

One video shows a voter describing how he was never told by poll officials that his failed ballot could be discarded and a new one filled out and submitted. Instead, the man was told to just deposit his bad ballot into a mysterious “door three” ballot box.

“A note on that poll worker, who neglected or purposely did not inform the voters, at least while I was there, that we could discard that vote that got rejected by the tabulator machine and start over,” the man said.

“Do another vote, another ballot. We were not told that.” (Related: It is widely believed that Katie Hobbs stole the governor’s race for herself by also being Arizona’s elections chief, which is a major conflict of interest.)

Will the United States ever again have a free and fair election?

Others reported similar experiences, almost as if this was coordinated to confuse voters and render their ballots null and void. Perhaps this occurred in primarily “red” areas of the state where voters were more likely to cast votes for Republicans?


On the one hand, it could have just been sheer incompetence that happened to affect multiple people who filmed and uploaded videos about their strange experiences at the polls. Or, it could be something more nefarious.

We know from the fraudulent 2020 election cycle that Democrats will stop at nothing to steal elections for themselves. And the 2022 midterm election is no exception.

One wonders just how many Arizona voters had ballot anomalies and instead of filling out new ballots simply dumped the bad ones into “door three.” And what happened to all the ballots in door three, we would like to know?

The fact that this same scenario happened to multiple people in multiple areas of Arizona is highly suspect. One or two anomalies could be chalked up to incompetence, but many of them bearing similar circumstances would seem to be more intentional.

“Well, OF COURSE the demonrats are cheating,” wrote a commenter. “They CANNOT AFFORD to allow a free and fair vote. They would lose big right now. Can’t have that. Time to party like it’s 1776. The mad king is again tormenting the citizens.”

Another who reads Natural News pointed out that Maricopa County, which encompasses the Phoenix area, saw many of the same signs of fraud that were apparent in the 2020 election.

“Early Tuesday morning in Arizona’s Maricopa County, the Phoenix area again, the same notorious county guilty of fraud in 2020, reported that dozens of its electronic voting machines had ‘printing issues,'” this person wrote.

Concerning Katie Hobbs stealing the governorship from Kari Lake, another commenter wrote that if Hobbs “had any ethics or integrity, she would have quit her job in elections to avoid the appearance of conflict.”

“But criminals don’t do that,” this person added.

Clearly Hobbs is a criminal, interjected another, adding that she “was certainly involved in the steal” because “she hates America and hates our republic.”

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