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Health Ranger’s most recent social media posts and a new announcement about Brighteon.io
By Mike Adams // Apr 15, 2024

This week we announced the launch of the revolutionary Brighteon.io. Why revolutionary? Because it is a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P), uncensorable, non-confiscatable social media content platform with no hosting servers at all.

The entire platform, which is based on the open source code of Bastyon.com, runs across hundreds of traffic nodes located around the world, relying on traffic to be shared by 1+ million users all over the globe.

Brighteon.io is also multi-lingual, with built-in language translators, and a native ability to share text, photos and video, with more file sharing features coming in 2024.

The entire platform is uncensorable. It cannot be taken down by any government or law enforcement entity. And when you run the P2P app (available at this link), your traffic no longer needs domain name resolution, meaning even if global DNS is taken down (the "internet kill switch"), Brighteon.io will continue to function through the free apps. (Windows, Android APK and Linux available now, Mac and iPhone coming later.)

Even I cannot arbitrarily remove anyone from the platform. Neither can the developers or founders. There is a consensus mechanism, however, to remove bad faith actors posting porn, spam, violent threats or drug ads, so the platform doesn't get overrun with dark content. (It's not a free-for-all darknet.)

Because of its incredible resilience and decentralized structure, Brighteon.io is our emergency comms channel. If you want to be able to keep in touch when the internet kill switch is activated, this is the way to do it. Follow me there at https://brighteon.io/healthranger

We are building the infrastructure of human freedom and empowering people to be informed, healthy and aware. Explore our decentralized, peer-to-peer, uncensorable Brighteon.io free speech platform here. Learn about our free, downloadable generative AI tools at Brighteon.AI. Every purchase at HealthRangerStore.com helps fund our efforts to build and share more tools for empowering humanity with knowledge and abundance.

Here are some of the notable posts from the past week:

Illegal immigration:

It's no longer a question of whether the U.S. is being systematically invaded by millions of #illegals from across the world, including China, Syria, Iraq and Iran. The real question is: What are their INTENTIONS inside the USA? According to many of the sources I've interviewed, both publicly and privately, there is a sub-group of illegals who are active combatants who are awaiting "activation" orders to carry out total mayhem across the USA by targeting infrastructure: Power substations, refineries, ports, bridges, police stations, telecom infrastructure, pipelines and more. I call this day, "Activation Day." Some sources think it will happen before the election to try to halt it, and others think it will be saved to happen AFTER the election, in case Trump wins, so that America can be brought down under Trump's watch. We don't know the timing, but we have a very good idea what the enemies of America are planning. The plan is for CHAOS. Domestic battlefield ops. Actually, "letting" Trump win (by simply not cheating as much as usual, by the Dems) may be the real plan so they can unleash this domestic #terrorism wave. Either way, get prepared, stay informed and be ready for the unexpected.


Sure is wild watching all the leftists who were all-in for media lies and propaganda when it hurt #Trump, but suddenly now when the corporate media pushes out incessant lies for #Israel and refuses to cover the #Gaza #genocide, these same leftist are like, “This is unacceptable! Media malpractice!” It’s the same corporate media, you fools. They ALWAYS lie to protect powerful interests.


Never forget: The same Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee who says the moon is made of gases and that the surface of the sun might "almost too hot" to live on, was constantly quoting "the science!" to push COVID vaccines onto black Americans. In 2021, she pushed for FEMA to control vaccine distribution, to federalize the whole program, to make sure every black American got jabbed. Because, y'know, the science and stuff. Astronomy, medicine, physics, economics, law... these are incomprehensible by DEI "achievers" like Sheila Jackson Lee, who couldn't pass a high school science exam and was no doubt elected entirely based on her virtue signaling properties.

Evangelical Zionists:

These lunatic Evangelical Zionists are trying to "accelerate" the #apocalypse because they think it will bring #Jesus back. Now, they want to sacrifice red heifers later this month in an occult ritual, then burn their dead bodies into ash and spread the ashes on their sacred temple site before building the third temple, all while pushing for an acceleration of End Times wars between "gog and magog" because they think God will save #Israel and Jesus will be summoned back to Earth. These lunatics literally believe that causing World War III is going to lead to their salvation, and they think they can control God's timetable by carrying out occult rituals. John Hagee's "Christians United for Israel" is the showcase of this apocalyptic lunacy. Hagee is traveling to DC to try to convince the U.S. to avoid any de-escalation and to fully support Israel's escalatory retaliation against #Iran. What will they do when, after burning red cows and building the temple, Jesus doesn't magically appear? Will they start sacrificing other animals? Will they sacrifice their own children? Will they set themselves on fire? I suppose anything is possible with a satanic death cult.

Israel vs Iran:

Reminder of what I posted two days ago, already proving to be true: ANALYSIS: The first wave of missile attacks from #Iran won’t be the “big one.” It will be designed to cause #Israel to deplete its supply of anti-air defense munitions, such as Patriot missile battery missiles. Those are now fully depleted in Ukraine, and the U.S. cannot manufacture any real quantity of Patriot missiles because, of course, the U.S. industrial base continues to collapse. Iran’s first wave of attacks, therefore, is just “Patriot missile bait” or “Iron Dome bait,” and Israel will very rapidly go through its stockpiles of anti-air defense munitions. Once depleted, and with the U.S. incapable of manufacturing any real quantity, Israel will be a wide open target zone for #Hezbollah strikes, not just Iran. “Wave 2” of this attack will be the real thrust, and it will only commence after Israel shows signs of running out of anti-air ammo. That could take a considerable amount of time. Probably weeks, maybe a few months. In addition, the claimed effectiveness of Patriot defense systems is little more than western propaganda. They will be fortunate to halt 20% of incoming missiles. And yet to do that, Patriot missile batteries have to light up their own active radar systems, effectively broadcasting their locations, making them high priority targets for the higher payload missiles of which Iran and Hezbollah have very large numbers. Watch and learn: You are about to see, over the coming weeks, that Israel’s entire Iron Dome air defense system will be depleted, dismantled and destroyed. From there, Iran’s obvious targets will be Israel’s infrastructure: Power grid systems, ports, bridges, etc. Unless this escalation is somehow stopped, the Israeli people are about to find themselves living in an active war zone, much like what Eastern (former) Ukraine has experienced since Feb of 2022. The arrogance and incompetence of western military forces has left them so detached from reality that they still think they are battling Iran from the 1980s. They have no idea what Iran (and Hezbollah) have developed since then. They are about to F around and find out.


Fascinating how every western leader rushes to condemn #Iran for its retaliatory drone and missile strike on military targets in #Israel, but these same people said absolutely nothing when #Israel violated international law by launching an outrageous, deadly missile strike on Iran's consulate building in Damascus, killing several high-ranking Iranian military leaders. Where was the outrage then? The outrage from the West is highly selective, as usual. Israel is allowed to violate any treaty, any law, any rule, any convention and any diplomatic understanding, while enemies of Israel are routinely blamed for any "escalation." Disgusting.


The Declaration of Independence states that it is “self-evident” that all men (people) are created equal. Zionism, in contrast, says that only one race (Jews) is chosen by God (a master race) and that this race has the divine monopoly right to not merely rule over all other races, but to slaughter them at will, to steal their land, destroy their homes and take their resources. If you believe in the founding philosophy of the United States of America, you CANNOT simultaneously support #zionism and #Israel. They are irreconcilable. Those Americans who support Israel are, by definition, abandoning the founding principles of America. And anyone who believes that they are “chosen by God” to slaughter others at will is a danger to society and incompatible with civilized human life on this planet. The era of zionism, much like Apartheid, is headed for collapse. Israel will be gravely humbled, if not ultimately destroyed by its own arrogance, violence and hatred toward others.


What you’ve seen so far between #Iran and #Israel is just “war theater.” Pre-arranged strikes on Israeli military targets, designed to bomb a couple of runways on military bases, and make big explosions that look cool on video and make people think “we’re winning!” However, if Israel doesn’t let this situation conclude – and they go for REAL war – then the next wave of attacks from Iran won’t be theater. They will target Israeli infrastructure: Power grid, fuel depots, ports, supply chain logistics, government buildings, etc. This will plunge Israel into chaos, and make living in Israel a little bit like living in #Gaza at the moment (although not nearly as dire). With the food infrastructure destroyed, imagine the hypocrisy of Israelis suddenly crying out for food aid. A lot of nations right now would argue that Israeli deserves no international aid whatsoever, even humanitarian aid, given their gross, repeated, repugnant violations of humanitarian principles and international law. For me, personally, I would still want to help anyone who is starving, regardless of their nationality or religion. But karma is truly a bad-assed b#tch, and any nation that inflicts mass starvation (or genocide) on another nation should be prepared for their own actions to come back around and bite them in the ass.


If #Israel’s zionists claim to be “God’s chosen people,” imbued with the unique, superior advantage of being defended by God, then why do they need the U.S. military to fight their battles? I say the entire U.S. military should pull out of the Middle East and let God take over.

Privacy vs. surveillance:

I’m sure you all realize by now, after the #FISA warrantless spy powers vote, the futility of thinking we can change the system by electing the same kind of people with different names to carry out the same acts of organized betrayal against us. The #corruption and #treason now plaguing every branch of the federal government cannot be changed through a process of elections, since the entire system is bought off by corporate interests, including the military industrial complex (MIC), the media, regulators, the “science” establishment and so on. America won’t witness any significant changes until the current system collapses, and that’s most likely to occur via the coming currency collapse that will leave the #dollar near-worthless and the American people destitute, starving and bewildered. No institution inside the system yet realizes the fragility of the system itself, because their very existence depends on a philosophy of arrogance, coercion and subjugation of the masses. This is why the will be surprised (and unprepared) when the collapse unfolds. No nation ever plans for its currency to collapse, yet all fiat currencies eventually collapse, without exception. This is precisely why central banks around the world are buying up #gold in record quantities, pushing gold through $2400 / oz., and preparing for the rapid collapse of western dollar hegemony, which will bring enormous short-term chaos but substantial long-term benefits for human freedom as the hegemonic US empire loses its ability to continue conducting campaigns of terrorism, regime change, assassinations and financial enslavement against the nations of the world. The bad news is that anyone left holders dollars will be impoverished, and America will no longer be able to export its currency #inflation, meaning that imported goods are going to cost at least 1000% more than what Americans are paying today. This will result in near-instant poverty for 100+ million Americans, with all the chaos and uprising sentiment that goes along with it. The USA will then become ungovernable. Although the timetable is uncertain, the outcome is inevitable. Prepare accordingly.


Consumer Reports' huge warning about lead in #Lunchables food products for children is rather bizarre. I am an accomplished food scientist who runs one of the top food science labs in America. We have multiple mass spec instruments and have conducted tens of thousands of food contamination tests since 2017. Consumer Reports says they found, in the worst example, a grand total of 370 nanograms of lead in a full day's serving of Lunchables. Based on the serving size, if you translate this into ppm or ppb, it comes out to just slightly over 3 ppb (ng/g) for a serving size of 4 oz. (about 113 g). This is not a level of lead to be concerned about, not even close. Consumer Reports cites California's Prop 65 law to cause alarm, but Prop 65, which was originally passed as a WATER safety law, has bee mis-applied to food for years, mostly as part of a lawfare scheme to attack dietary supplements. The law doesn't apply to grocery foods, and the allowable daily intake levels of lead (0.5 micrograms, or 500 nanograms) are absurd when applied to agricultural food products. You get more lead than that in a single serving of any dish made with ginger, for example. So Consumer Reports is raising alarm by citing a standard (Prop 65) that doesn't even apply to the food products they're testing, and they make it sound like Lunchables are filled with lead, when actually, at 3 ppb, that's one of the lowest levels you'll find in food. Why? Because processed food removes both nutritive minerals and heavy metals. We almost never find high levels of lead in heavily processed foods like Lunchables. @ConsumerReports got this one totally wrong. They are misleading their readers with bad #science. I'm no defender of processed food, and I have far more concerns about the other processed ingredients in Lunchables such as sodium nitrite, but it doesn't lend Consumer Reports any credibility to push a false alarm over lead that's only at levels around 3 ppb.


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