Most Mexicans want to deport Central American migrants – are they racist, too?
07/25/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Most Mexicans want to deport Central American migrants – are they racist, too?

According to the left, all “brown” people are exactly the same, and are always the collective victims of “white” oppression, especially when it comes to the enforcement of immigration laws through deportation. But a new survey completely shatters this white-versus-brown myth, revealing that most Mexican people also support deporting the hordes of Central American “migrants” that continue to flood Mexico as they make their way up to America’s southern border.

Conducted by the Mexican newspaper Reforma, in conjunction with The Washington Post, the survey found that six in 10 Mexicans feel burdened by this continuous onslaught of illegal aliens, which are stealing jobs from natives and wreaking havoc on the welfare system. A 55 percent majority of Mexicans, it turns out, agrees with the majority of non-Hispanic Americans that illegal invaders must be deported before they even reach the United States.

A total of 1,200 Mexicans were surveyed between July 9-14, which was about two weeks after Mexican officials responded to the Trump administration’s tariff threats by agreeing to do a better job of protecting our shared southern border from the seemingly endless flow of Central American migrants that continue to overwhelm the U.S. Border Patrol detention facilities that liberals ridiculous claim are akin to the “concentration camps” used in Nazi Germany.

Most Mexicans also support Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s recent decision to deploy the Mexican National Guard to America’s southern border, which just goes to show that the issue isn’t about race or skin color, but about protecting both of our nations’ sovereignty from being violated and trampled upon by illegal alien “caravans” demanding illicit access to countries where they don’t even belong.

Conversely, a mere seven percent of Mexicans agree with American leftists that Mexico and America should just grant permanent residency to every migrant who wants it – because doing the opposite, according to liberals, most of whom are white, apparently equates to “white supremacy” and “racism” against “brown people.”

President Trump is working hard to get the job done, even as leftists whine and cry about the “inhumanity” of enforcing our nation’s immigration laws

Despite all of the mass hysteria that’s constantly being generated by the leftist mainstream media, which just won’t quit in spreading fake news about migrant children being inhumanely detained in border “cages,” President Trump recently implemented the Migrant Protection Protocols to force asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while their claims are being adjudicated. The Trump administration has also implemented a “safe third country” policy that requires all asylum-seekers from non-contiguous countries to apply for refugee status in whatever country they’re traveling through, rather than be granted access to the United States where they’re likely to just disappear and never follow through with working towards legal admittance.

Much to the chagrin of leftists and their crumbling, fake news narrative that only “whitey” wants to enforce immigration laws due to a hatred for “brown people,” this revelation that the vast majority of Mexicans also want the migrants to go back to where they came from just goes to show that liberalism really is a mental disorder stemming from white-hating delusions and prolific anti-white racism.

“My Mexican relatives, U.S. citizens, all, are dead set against illegal immigration and voted for Trump in 2016,” wrote one National Review commenter, shattering the leftist myth that only white Americans are against illegal immigration. “They don’t need more of those who will work cheaply and off the books, and will vote for Trump in 2020.”

“This is consistent with many Hispanic friends I have in Texas,” responded another. “They are pretty rule-of-law, take your turn, go through the proper channels first types.”

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