Is it clear enough for you? It’s time to hunker down, or get ready to rumble.
09/04/2019 / By News Editors / Comments
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Is it clear enough for you? It’s time to hunker down, or get ready to rumble.

Well, it’s been (almost) three solid years into the Donald Trump Presidency and not one treasonous criminal action has been punished. Not one. ZERO. Zilch. Na-da.

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Take for example when Hillary Clinton literally laughed out loud at a question about her email investigation — had to wipe her eyes, she laughed so hard. She laughed at us, at America, for being so clueless as to think she’d ever answer to our laws.

And she’s still laughing, because she’s right: she’s untouchable. The consensus is that even though we know that the first email investigation was rigged by the FBI to clear Hillary, no one will reopen the case.

-Cold Fury at hold your breath.

Nope. All we (the people) have are promises. Promises that someday, at some time, all the 5d machinations of the DOJ will “get to the bottom” of things. They’re “experts” don’t ya know. Don’t ya know.


You know, like all those promises that the government has given us year, after year. Year after year. Promising to make changes. Promising to fix potholes. Promising to do things. But doing nothing.


Same old. Same old.

Watching FBI agent Peter Strzok battle with Congress, my initial reaction was pure anger.

His repeated, arrogant insistence that he had done nothing wrong despite tons of evidence to the contrary convinced me he deserved immediate firing — if not the firing squad.

Gradually, though, anger gave way to amazement as Strzok grew increasingly combative and condescending. Given his predicament, the sneering and smirking were stupid, and yet he persisted.

Who is this jerk, I wondered, and how in the hell did he get to be a big shot at the FBI? And why are taxpayers still paying for the privilege of his malignant presence on the FBI payroll?

My answers can be summarized in four names: James Comey, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray. They are chief culprits in the death of public trust in the Department of Justice.

Michael Goodwin

Meanwhile, those who have committed the most blatant abuses of their offices in the history of the world, are walking free in their mansions, and enjoying the “good life”. They are still on the media networks. They are still cavorting with “our betters”. They are still eating expensive steaks and drinking high-end Chardonnay. They are still cavorting with the rich and famous. They are still behaving like they always have.

They are rubbing their privilege in our faces.

Real privilege is begin able to avoid getting arrested when you break laws. Real privilege is knowing that you are immune from the Justice system, and that you can do what ever you want in life and no one will lift a finger against you.


Real privilege is killing a threat in public. While in Federal custody, and having all the guards asleep, the cameras turned off, and the documents erased.

Real privilege is doing it blatantly, in an “in your face” assault, with zero consequences.

The pure audacity and brazenness of these crimes are mind blowing and staggering in their audaciousness.

They are doing so because they know there isn’t a [email protected] THING that we can do about it. We are powerless, and our illustrious president; Donald Trump is actually powerless to stop them.

Real privilege is operating in the open, in public, where everyone knows that you have this privilege.


Full of hot air.

Every day, it seems more and more likely that Donald Trump is just a clown to entertain us “normal’s” with the hope for change, when in all actuality, nothing substantive is getting resolved.

I give you my word!

Now, do not misunderstand.

Oh, for certain, he has done some good works. Yes he has. Yes, he is miles ahead of any other Republican President, including Ronald Reagan.



It’s all fun and games. The expression on all those “Holier than thou” smug (in your face) progressive Marxists is precious. And, yes, I do enjoy sitting down with a big bowl of popcorn and watch their heads explode.

But Trump is NOT doing the dirty and nasty work that he needs to do…

  • Getting us out of the eight wars (x8) that we are currently fighting. There is no reason at all for us to be fighting and dying in Yemen. None.
  • Elimination of those progressively-armed Federal Agencies; IRS, ATF, FDA, EPA, and for certain FBI and the DOJ. They are now armed military forces with their own law-making branches, their own judicial branches, and their own processes. All of which lie OUTSIDE our elected Congressional representatives. They police, and enforce, the two-tiered justice system.
  • Arresting and trials, with death sentences for treasonous activity…

It’s a treasonous bunch for certain, but nothing is getting done.

It appears, by all substantive measure, that AG Barr is just as ineffective as AG Sessions was. “Ineffective” is a polite word for “corrupt”.

Ah. The Progressive globalist oligarch cabal.

Their crimes vary from committing outright treason, stealing and embezzling millions (if not billions) of dollars, and cover-ups at an extraordinary scale. All these people should have been left hanging from a scaffolding with back hoods over their heads.

Yet nothing has happened.

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