Flashback: 100 insane things the ignorant Left thinks are RACIST: Lucky Charms, milk, science, trees, babies and more…
12/30/2019 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
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Flashback: 100 insane things the ignorant Left thinks are RACIST: Lucky Charms, milk, science, trees, babies and more…

To the progressive left, virtually everything is racist (and that’s no exaggeration – see number 100). A couple of years ago, Fox News host Tucker Carlson compiled a hilarious list of things that the liberals have considered to be racist in the past, most of which don’t make any sense whatsoever. Nevertheless, here are 100 things that the libtard left thinks are racist (for the full list with sources, visit Tucker Carlson’s Twitter account).


  1. Trees – In Palm Springs, California, city officials removed a “racist” tree from a golf course because it stood between the upscale Tahquitz Creek Golf Course and a historically black neighborhood.


  1. The Ice Cream Truck Song – Apparently, the joyful and happy song that plays as the ice cream truck rolls through neighborhoods is based in racism and prejudice.


  1. Credit Scores – In 2015, The Guardian ran a story arguing that credit scores in America perpetuate racial injustice.


  1. Car Insurance – If credit scores are racist, why shouldn’t car insurance be considered racist too? The argument here is that white people pay less for car insurance.


  1. Crime Statistics – Despite numerous facts and statistics that point to the contrary, the liberals insist that America’s criminal justice system is racist.


  1. Halloween Costumes – Be careful not to select a Halloween costume that is politically incorrect, offensive or racist in any way; otherwise, the social justice warriors just might come after you.


  1. Calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” – When President Trump called Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” a few weeks ago during a White House ceremony honoring Native Americans, the liberals were quick to call his remarks racist.


  1. Disney Movies – In the past, “The Little Mermaid” has been accused of being racist because Sebastian, the lobster in the movie, talks in a heavy Jamaican accent.


  1. Dr. Seuss – The famous author of the children’s book “Cat in the Hat” has been accused of racism for several years over a decades-old drawing of an Asian man, who was drawn was slanted eyes and chopsticks.


  1. White Flight – Apparently, white people choosing where they want to live is a horribly racist act that the entire country should condemn – that is, according to the left.


  1. Reversing White Flight – Not only is the movement of white people to the suburbs racist, but apparently, so too is any effort to reverse this trend.


  1. White Chefs Who Make Burritos – In May of last year, The Washington Post ran a story questioning whether its racist for white chefs to make burritos. No, we’re not kidding.


  1. Milk – Is milk a symbol of neo-Nazi hate? According to Andrea Freeman, assistant professor of law at the University of Hawaii, it is.


  1. Tanning – This one started when a Swedish company started selling a self-tanner called “Dark Chocolate.” It was all downhill from there.


  1. NFL Owners – In October of last year, Jaguars owner Shahid Khan suggested that his fellow NFL owners are racist. “You’ve got a bunch of 85-year-old guys who don’t think they’re racist, but they are racist,” he said.


  1. Being mad about NFL National Anthem protests – Forget about kneeling during the National Anthem. Apparently, if you express outrage over NFL players disrespecting their flag and country, you are a racist according to TheRoot.com.


  1. Math – A professor at the University of Illinois actually attempted to make the case that “mathematics itself operates as whiteness.”


  1. Science – In addition to math, science has been branded as racist as well. The reason? Because science is unable to explain black magic.


  1. All White People – When you run out of things to call racist, why not just make a blanket statement and say that “all white people” believe that their race is superior? Such was the case made by Munroe Bergdorf, L’Oréal’s first transgender model, in a Facebook post a few months ago.


  1. White Meat – Do you prefer white meat over dark meat because you think it tastes better? According to one article published on Slate, that might make you a racist.


  1. Proper English Grammar – The University of Washington, Tacoma is now teaching students that expecting proper grammar from others perpetuates racism and “unjust language structures.”


  1. Patriotism – According to Terrell Star of TheRoot.com, patriotism is for white people.


  1. The iPhone X’s Facial Recognition Technology – Due to the fact that the new iPhone X has had difficulty telling Chinese people apart, it must be racist… or something…


  1. Makeup – Liberals have argued that there aren’t enough shades in a beauty store for people of color, and therefore, drugstore beauty perpetuates racism.


  1. Emojis – Even though Apple has added more diversity to its emojis, some on the left have argued that the technology company actually made the racism problem worse, not better.


  1. Amy Schumer – Amy Schumer has been labeled racist a number of times for various remarks she has made on social media.


  1. To Kill A Mockingbird – Many schools across the country have stopped showing students “To Kill A Mockingbird” because of its racist language, even though the author intentionally added that type of language to make a point.


  1. The SAT – The Daily Beast once published an article titled “The Racist Origins of the SAT.”


  1. Military Camouflage – After the British Army released a tweet showing one of their soldiers in blackface camouflage in the jungle, the left and the social justice warriors were quick to cry racism.


  1. Electronic Music – Apparently, white kids “stole” house music from black aunties. If it seems silly and even outrageous to you, that’s because it is.


  1. The August Solar Eclipse – The Atlantic claimed that the solar eclipse that occurred this past August was racist because it was visible to more white people than people of color.


  1. Bitcoin – Bitcoin perpetuates white privilege, according to Reason.com.


  1. The “Okay” Sign – You know how President Trump routinely holds up the “okay” sign by touching his pointer finger to his thumb? Well, apparently, now that’s a symbol of the alt-right and racism.


  1. Having a White Person Box Against a Black Person – You would think that this one would be embraced by the left, since it’s all about inclusion and different races coming together. Sadly, during the Mayweather-McGregor fight, Vox argued just the opposite.


  1. The Pornographic Industry –The Root published an article back in 2013 titled “Is the Porn Industry Racist?”


  1. Apu from The Simpsons – Following the release of a new documentary titled “The Problem with Apu,” the hilarious Indian character on The Simpsons could be disappearing because of “racism.”


  1. The White Nuclear Family – According to one professor at City University of New York, the white nuclear family perpetuates racism.


  1. Algorithms – Not only are human beings racist, but apparently the algorithms that they create for computers and robots are as well.


  1. Artificial Intelligence – If the algorithms are racist, then of course the artificial intelligence that they are designed for are racist as well… right?


  1. Jingle Bells – If a professor at Boston University is correct, then the famous and beloved Christmas song “Jingle Bells” is rooted in racism.


  1. Lucky Charms – The Diversity Affairs Office at Miami University is now trying to ban Lucky Charms on the grounds that the cereal is racist.


  1. Deporting People – You should have seen this one coming.


  1. Bernie Sanders supporters – They might be uneducated and economically illiterate, but that doesn’t mean that supporters of Bernie Sanders are racist.


  1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes – According to a feminist group, the sale of pumpkin spice lattes funds white supremacy at the White House… what exactly this means is anyone’s guess.


  1. White People Celebrating Cinco de Mayo – It’s not a holiday for white people, so why should they be allowed to celebrate it with their Mexican friends without being labeled as racists?


  1. Lacrosse – Playing Lacrosse is racist according to some on the left.


  1. The Betsy Ross Flag –The Washington Post once published an article questioning whether America’s first flag symbolizes exclusion and hate.


  1. The Gadsden Flag – Get ready. If the liberals have their way, then sporting “Don’t Tread On Me” gear and waving the Gadsden Flag could soon be considered racial harassment.


  1. Expecting People to Show Up on Time – Are you a boss who wants your employees to show up for work on time? According to liberals and social justice warriors at Clemson University, you just might be a racist.


  1. Cartoons of Frogs – Chalk this one up as yet another item on this list that just doesn’t make any sense at all.


  1. Nostalgia – And this one too.


  1. Soda Taxes – Look out, Mayor Bloomberg. The social justice warriors are on to you.


  1. Coca-Cola – As the argument goes, Coca-Cola used to market assiduously to white people, and therefore the world’s most popular soft drink is racist – that is, according to The Atlantic.


  1. Wendy’s – In the past, Wendy’s restaurant has come under fire for tweeting a Pepe the frog meme in response to one of their social media followers.


  1. Aesthetics – Is aesthetics racist? According to CUNY Academics Work, it is.


  1. Star Wars – The moronic MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry once implied on national television that Star Wars is racist.


  1. Hollywood – According to Chloe Bennet, Hollywood is racist.


  1. The Oscars – The Huffington Post once ran a story asking the question, “Just how racist were the Oscars and why?”


  1. Democrats – This is likely the only thing on this entire list that has some hint of truth to it.


  1. Republicans – We’ve only heard this one thousands of times before. Strangely, those who accuse the GOP of being racist never seem to be able to back themselves up.


  1. Tim Burton – An open letter written by a Tim Burton fan and published in The Huffington Post accused the world-famous director of racism.


  1. Walmart – Walmart was forced to apologize for using the n-word in a listing on their website.


  1. The Word “Thug” – In a 2015 article published by NPR, the use of the word “thug” is racially charged.


  1. Babies – If there’s any credibility to two studies published by the University of Toronto, then babies are born racist.


  1. Bulletproof Glass – The city of Philadelphia has voted to regulate the use of bulletproof glass in corner stores on the grounds that such structures are somehow based in racism.


  1. Referring to “canoes” and “paddles” – Be careful not to be a racist and use the word “canoe” or “paddles” – and check your privilege, while you’re at it.


  1. College Football – A heritage of racism still taints the sport’s fandom” reads an article once published by the New York Times.


  1. The NBA Draft – As argued by NY Daily News, the NBA draft is racist because it uses code words. For example, the word “athletic” is supposedly used to refer to black people.


  1. Referring to ethnic food as “ethnic food” – According to CityLab.com, using the term “ethnic food” could mean that you are a restaurant racist.


  1. The White Privilege Conference – You’d think that a conference on white privilege could never be considered racist. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when attendees complained that the 2016 White Privilege Conference had too many white people.


  1. Abbreviating the word Guacamole – Who hasn’t said the word “guac” instead of “guacamole” at least three or four dozen times in their lives? According to one Mexican college student from Boston, all of these people that use this abbreviation are racist.


  1. Property Taxes – A class-action lawsuit filed by civil rights leaders in New York City alleges that white homeowners get preferential treatment in the city’s property tax system.


  1. Tax Cuts – The liberals are outraged over the Republican’s tax plan. Is it really that much of a surprise that they would find a way to connect it to racism?


  1. The State of New Jersey – The Anti-Poverty Network of America has alleged that the State of New Jersey (yes, the entire state) is racist due to the lack of opportunity that exists there for minorities.


  1. School Grades – It’s hard to believe that a professional educator would make the case that school grades are embedded in racism, but alas, it has happened.


  1. Canada TheConversation.com published an article once titled, “Dear white people, wake up: Canada is racist.”


  1. American Airlines – The NAACP has warned that people of color could face unequal and “disrespectful” treatment by staff members at American Airlines.


  1. Not Renting Your Home to Criminals – If you don’t want criminals sleeping in your guest room or using your kitchen sink, does that make you a racist?


  1. Criminal Background Checks – This was the case made in an article published in National Review. So if this is true, then that means that every single leftist that supports more background checks for firearms is racist. Interesting.


  1. Art History – NPR once published an article titled “Taking A Magnifying Glass To The Brown Faces In Medieval Art.”


  1. Atheism – Bill Maher would not be too happy to hear about this one.


  1. School Discipline – Vox published a piece titled “The Hidden Racism of School Discipline, in 7 Charts.” Perhaps the solution, then, is to just let students run wild without any consequences whatsoever. Then once professors have lost total control of their class, at least they can smile and say “I’m not a racist.”


  1. Saying You Are English – TV’s Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen argued that if you say that you are English, it means you are racist.


  1. English-Only Education – If you’re not fond of the idea of being educated in Spanish, French, Italian, German or some other language other than English, Racism.org says that you might be a racist.


  1. Othello – Shakespeare’s play Othello has been criticized in the past for being racist.


  1. Capitalism – this one is actually quite common. The irony is that capitalism has never, will never, and can never discriminate based on race. It is a colorblind system.


  1. Socialism – Bernie Sanders, do you have anything to say about this?


  1. Karl Marx – In an article published in The Daily Signal, author Walter Williams explained “the ugly racism of Karl Marx.”


  1. Highways – This is yet another argument made by Vox – that the establishment of highways is somehow linked to racism.


  1. Diabetes – The American Diabetes Association once published a story with the headline: “Internalized Racism Is Associated With Glucose Intolerance Among Black Americans in the U.S. Virgin Islands.”


  1. Climate Change The Guardian has argued that climate change is racist. Someone alert Al Gore.


  1. Accurately Describing Criminal Suspects – Students at the University of Minnesota don’t want you to be able to use race when describing criminals. (Related: It’s now racist to call the cops on black kids who steal from retail shops.)


  1. Pollution – “People of color are more likely to be exposed to pollution than white people,” argued The Huffington Post.


  1. Not Wanting White People to Leave a College Campus – Black students at Evergreen State wanted a day without any white people on campus. But instead of that being labeled as racist, students were quick to call those who didn’t want white people to leave as racist.


  1. The Bible – The Huffington Post once published an article titled “The Biblical Roots of Racism.”


  1. McDonald’s – McDonald’s has been sued in the past for allegedly ignoring problems that have to do with racism.


  1. Craft Beer – You have to be a really sad and depressed person to take something like beer and make it about race. Nevertheless, the liberals have done it.


  1. The British Monarchy – According to a blog written on The Spectator website, the British Monarchy is racist. However, they put emphasis on the fact that the royal family is not.


  1. The Washington Redskins – “‘Redskin’ is an epithet, and it needs to go,” writes the LA Times.


  1. Everything – Would you believe that there is a website out there called EverythingIsRacism.com? No matter what you do, you are a racist. What is this world coming to?


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