Airports flagging conservatives who went to Orlando for CPAC as potential “domestic terrorists”
03/09/2021 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Airports flagging conservatives who went to Orlando for CPAC as potential “domestic terrorists”

President Donald Trump spoke at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Orlando this week, marking one of his first public appearances since China Joe’s “inauguration” back in January. And those who went to see him are already being labeled “domestic terrorists.”

One of them was U.S. Senate candidate Lauren Witzke, who reported in a private Telegram room that she was hassled and mistreated at the airport while traveling to Florida.

“Airlines are flagging Trump Supporters on their way to Orlando,” Witzke told the room. “I was flagged, and personally escorted by security through the detectors to be searched, shaken down, and my laptop swabbed and searched.”

“Welcome to Biden’s America,” she added.

Similar anecdotal reports have appeared across Twitter and in other Telegram threads, apparently confirming that those who support Trump are being watched and surveilled, and treated like second-class citizens.

Even Trump supporters who did not go to Orlando are being targeted, or so they say, by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which is singling them out for “special” screenings.

“This past week I traveled to Mexico for a planned trip with my daughter,” one individual wrote. “When I tried to check in for my American Airlines flight, I was held at the gate, told I was being screened by TSA and would not be able to make my flight because of it.”

This same individual reported that he was put on a later flight after going through “a very invasive TSA screening.” At first, he thought it was just bad luck, but the same thing happened on the way back.


“I arrived in Newark NJ last night and proceeded to passport control, as I have done numerous times in the past with absolutely no issues, and was stopped at immigration and told I needed to follow them into the back room and be interviewed / interrogated,” this person further explained.

“At this point I am beyond upset (I’m a tax paying law abiding American with absolutely no record) and asked curtly what is going on???”

The officer apparently told this man that he was recognized via facial recognition and “flagged as a participant in the D.C. domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol.”

The man attempted to explain that he was in D.C. for the Trump rally, but that he was nowhere near the “riot” that occurred on the steps of the Capitol. The officer responded with kindness and eventually let the man continue his travels home.

Biden is an illegitimate “president” and a tyrant

That the Biden regime is now using facial recognition to identify those who gathered in D.C. for a peaceful protest in order to categorize them as “domestic terrorists” says a lot about how far our country has fallen.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa terrorists, meanwhile, destroyed numerous American cities back in the summer, including D.C., and nothing was ever done to punish any of them.

“Are we as Americans no longer allowed the right to assemble?” the perplexed man who traveled to Mexico wrote in a statement.

“I had been flagged by my government as a potential domestic terrorist simply because I attended a rally in support of the President and if the officer hadn’t been a nice man they literally could have held me indefinitely and there would have been absolutely nothing I could have done.”

This is all reminiscent of the Obama IRS scandal, in which conservatives were targeted by the private tax collection corporation because of their political beliefs. The only difference is that Biden’s actions are breaching a whole new level of absolute tyranny.

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