If the US government is so PARANOID about every American getting Covid-vaccinated, why wouldn’t they make every illegal immigrant who crosses the border get jabbed too?
08/10/2021 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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If the US government is so PARANOID about every American getting Covid-vaccinated, why wouldn’t they make every illegal immigrant who crosses the border get jabbed too?

According to the CDC and the FDA, every American should be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 so they won’t die from the virus or spread it to others around them. This is an emergency order from the government because they are using vaccines that are only authorized for “emergency use,” including the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson China Flu jabs. The White House has outright refused to enforce or even endorse any vaccine mandate for migrants coming across the border.

Instead, illegal immigrants infected with Covid, are given food, shelter, money and free travel arrangements to anywhere they want to go in the USA (especially red states), thanks to the Biden Regime that’s pretending to be paranoid about “non-vaxxer” Americans, but no worries about infected illegal immigrants crossing our border unchecked and unvaccinated.

Unvaccinated American citizens are being ostracized and coerced into getting Covid vaccines while infected illegal immigrants get a free pass

As illegal immigrants flood the southern US border, many of whom are infected with Covid-19 and Delta variant, they are greeted with open arms and sent to the state of their choosing, without any tests for Covid or vaccinations for it. How can this be? When questioned about this massively important topic by the few remaining honest journalists, the White House press secretary ignores them. All they can say is that they’re working on some “plan” for international travel, but it doesn’t involve migrants crossing our Southern border at will, by the thousands, daily, right now.

All of the vaccinated ‘sheeple’ in America are very paranoid about catching Covid, spreading Covid, being around Americans who are not vaccinated, going mask-less, or even leaving their house for anything. Somehow, though, nobody seems concerned about the thousands of Mexicans and folks from South America strolling across the US southern border completely infected and spreading Covid anywhere and everywhere they go. Why is that? Has fake news MSM also convinced the vaccinated masses that illegal immigrants can never catch or spread Covid?

It’s a very strange phenomenon happening in America where the US government is one step away from force vaccinating all Americans at gunpoint, yet illegal immigrants need not get vaccinated or tested ever, at all. It makes you wonder what the real agenda is, since certain unvaccinated people don’t seem to matter at all in the grand scheme of the “horrible pandemic” that has besieged the whole world.

Americans are bombarded with rules shoved down their throats by the CDC and Fauci, but the rules don’t apply to illegal immigrants

You better wear that mask everywhere indoors, if you are an American citizen, or else you will be kicked out of stores, banned from schools and fired from your job (think medical industry workers in New York and California now). The CDC wants every American to have to carry a vaccine passport that proves you’re a “fully vaccinated” person in order to travel, even from state to state, and especially to leave the country and re-enter, but illegal immigrants need no verification whatsoever.

Now, in America, some restaurants, gyms and recreation centers will not let you visit at all without proof of vaccination, but if you just crossed the border illegally, come right on in and enjoy your meal, your workout and your leisurely activities.

Question: If the government is so PARANOID about every American getting Covid-vaccinated, then why wouldn’t they make every illegal immigrant crossing the border get jabbed too?

Answer: Because the Marxists in Washington DC don’t want to kill off their “loyal” voters that will replace all the dead Americans that become expired by blood-clotting Covid jabs.

Check out Pandemic.news for updates on these crimes against humanity and the upcoming “Delta” and Covid “booster-vaccine” Holocaust. Also, if you know someone who already got pricked with the blood-clotting Covid inoculations, and they’re suffering from lethargy, pain, clouded thinking, or an inflamed heart, that’s called CoVax Syndrome, so tell them to report it to VAERS.

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