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SATAN is causing more humans to murder each other, say cops

A string of homicides that recently occurred in a rural Alabama town near the Florida border has prompted the local police department there to announce via social media that the culprit is none other than Satan himself.

The Opp Police Department reportedly posted a lengthy message in all caps decrying the public for “rejecting God,” which it says is the cause of at least two gun-related murders that occurred in Covington County.

“There have been five murders in Covington County in 2018,” a Facebook post from the Opp Police Department reads, pointing to one incident in which a young man was shot and killed in the town of Kinston, and another in which a mother was shot and killed in northern Covington County.

“These murders have been done by our young people. This is happening because we have turned away from God and embraced Satan.”

The Facebook post went on to say that while “we” may not have intended to embrace Satan, “we” have, and now it’s “time to ask for God’s help to stop this.”

“It is time to be parents and raise our children, not have them raise us,” the post went on to claim.

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Freedom From Religion Foundation says Opp Police Department Facebook post violates separation of church and state

This unusual announcement by the Opp Police Department prompted the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation to issue a warning that this mixing of government and religious faith violates laws that prohibit a government entity from endorsing or criticizing religion – or in this case, anti-religion in the form of Satan-worship.

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Satan-worship, after all, is on the rise all throughout the West. It’s now even being promoted by wildly famous pop stars like Lady Gaga, a known satanist who, along with many other famous pop stars, openly admits through blatantly satanic performances that we’re “hell’s puppets” whose job it is to drag as many other willing souls to hell as possible.

“These Satanic rituals are being shoved in our faces on live television because Satanic forces across the planet are, for the first time in a very long time, finally being exposed for what they truly are,” warns Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

“The goal is to achieve such a deep poisoning of the human psyche that mindless mobs of obedient human slaves will literally bow down before Satan and worship his agenda as it is rolled out through CNN, Hollywood movies, pop culture music and extremely dangerous multi-dimensional scientific experiments (CERN, large-scale quantum computing, etc).”

Opp Police Department suggests people can reject Satan and embrace God by “fully support[ing] law enforcement

So in a way, the Opp Police Department is correct: The scourge of satanism is rapidly spreading throughout the country, and this phenomenon may, in fact, be fueling the types of crime sprees that are now apparently taking place in rural Alabama.

On the other hand, the rest of the Opp Police Department’s Facebook post indicates that this alleged threat of satanism is less about increasing crime rates, and more about people not wanting to obey the police state – which in places like Alabama, it’s important to note, still aggressively target and persecute people who choose to use natural “prohibited” plants like cannabis (marijuana).

“It is time to fully support law enforcement and stand by the officers and deputies that are far too often having to walk into these dangerous situations and clean up the mess,” the Opp Police Department added as a “solution” to the problem of satanism.

“Friends, it is time to stand up and be responsible, grown up leaders in our community. Bottom line, there are sheep; (sic) there are wolves and there are sheep dogs. Which group do you belong to?”

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