Bestselling author Peter Schweizer provides details on timeline of Joe and Hunter Biden corruption in Ukraine
10/02/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Bestselling author Peter Schweizer provides details on timeline of Joe and Hunter Biden corruption in Ukraine

Democrats and their propagandists in the Washington establishment media have dutifully joined in the Deep State’s latest plot in its ongoing campaign to oust President Donald Trump from office, as evidenced by their screeching for an impeachment inquiry regarding a phone call the he had with Ukraine’s president earlier this summer.

According to the fake news media and lying Democrats, Trump is guilty of threatening to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless Kiev’s government helped him find “dirt” on his potential 2020 Democratic contender, former VP Joe Biden.

A transcript of that phone call released by the White House proves beyond any doubt there was no threat, no quid pro quo, and no specific request to get dirt on Biden. But no matter; the Deep State wants the outsider Trump gone because he’s poised to expose all of them as corrupt, republic-destroying Leftists who want to rule America with an iron fist, not govern with consent from We The People.

However, there has been very real corruption involving an American political figure and Ukraine, but it’s not Trump.

It’s Biden.

Anyone who has been paying attention to this pseudo-scandal knows that Joe Biden is on video bragging about doing what they are accusing Trump of having done: Threaten Ukraine.

Biden’s threat was to withhold a billion dollars in loan guarantees if Kiev’s government refused to fire a prosecutor who was, at the time, investigating corruption within a company that employed his son, Hunter Biden, as a $50K/month “adviser,” despite not having any qualifications for the post. The video is here. 

But there’s more to it than that. Much more.

Bestselling author Peter Schweizer sat down on Sunday for an interview on Fox News with host Mark Levin to discuss further details regarding a timeline of corruption involving the Bidens in Ukraine. 

Schweizer, in his new book “Secret Empires,” notes that the story begins in 2014 as Russia made a move to ‘steal’ Crimea from Ukraine and the Obama administration pledges to lend support to Kiev after its president is driven from power. VP Biden is made the point man on this effort.

These people are so dirty

A couple weeks after VP Biden is appointed to lead the Obama administration’s foreign policy there, a gas company called Burisma “thought it would be a good idea” to hire Hunter Biden as an adviser and board member, though, as Schweizer notes, he had no energy company experience.

“He was being paid $83,000 a month which was being transferred into financial records in a Morgan Stanley account, so we know” what he was being paid — though not much is known about what Hunter Biden actually did for Burisma, Schweizer said.

The author noted that Burisma was so corrupt that many Western firms “would not deal with them.” The company was started by Ukraine’s former energy minister who funded it with money stolen from Ukrainian state assets.

“Hunter Biden joined forces with a very corrupt oligarch, got a very big payday, and he got a payday that he didn’t deserve because he wasn’t selling his expertise, he had none” Schweizer continued. 

At the same time, Joe Biden, “as point person” on Ukraine, was steering billions in U.S. aid to Ukraine, which helps explain why Burisma was eager to put his son on the payroll — to get access to the former VP.

“Joe Biden’s been around a long time and he had to know exactly why his son was being paid,” Schweizer said. 

“It’s simply not conceivable that Joe Biden wouldn’t know what his son was up to, is it?” Levin asked.

“No,” Schweizer responded. 

Watch the interview here.

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