EXCLUSIVE: COVID relief funds distributed to cities and states require full compliance with Biden vax mandates; counties can use money to bankrupt and REPLACE local businesses
10/14/2021 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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EXCLUSIVE: COVID relief funds distributed to cities and states require full compliance with Biden vax mandates; counties can use money to bankrupt and REPLACE local businesses

As part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, so-called “Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Funds” are distributed to states which then deposit those funds into the bank accounts of counties and cities.

Those counties and cities, in turn, are using the federal money to award contracts to local contractors. Those contractors have employees and can hire subcontractors who have their own employees.

All through this chain — Federal money, state money, city money, county money, contractor money, payroll money — the money comes with a mandatory vaccine requirement or the funds have to be repaid.

This is because the American Rescue Plan of 2021 is administered by the US Treasury. In its terms and conditions document covering federal grant awards, the US Treasury explicitly states that award recipients (and those who receive those funds as they are distributed) must comply with Joe Biden’s “executive orders.”

9. Compliance with Applicable Law and Regulations.
a. Recipient agrees to comply with the requirements of section 603 of the Act, regulations adopted by Treasury pursuant to section 603(f) of the Act, and guidance issued by Treasury regarding the foregoing. Recipient also agrees to comply with all other applicable federal statutes, regulations, and executive orders, and Recipient shall provide for such compliance by other parties in any agreements it enters into with other parties relating to this award.

This means that all recipients of covid “relief” funds under the Biden regime are compelled to push vaccine mandates, even to their contractors and subcontractors (and all their employees).

Federal relief funds can be used by counties and cities to replace thriving local businesses where vaccines are mandated

Even more alarming is the fact that these federal covid “relief” funds can be used by local cities and counties to replace private sector businesses which are not demanding 100% vaccine compliance.

For example, a local city or county in any U.S. state may decide to use federal funds to launch:

  • A local ISP / telecommunications service, putting local ISPs out of business.
  • A local ambulance service, putting private ambulance providers out of business.
  • A local medical ER service, putting private ERs out of business.

… you get the picture. Essentially, counties and cities can use federal funds to displace private sector businesses, driving a kind of communist takeover of local economies where vaccine mandate compliance is necessary for anyone to keep their job. These federal funds can also be used by local governments to purchase buildings and land, taking them off the market and denying their use by private sectors businesses.

Since the Federal Reserve continues to print a seemingly unlimited quantity of fake fiat currency (dollars), this communist takeover of local economies will not stop until the money printing machines cease operations and the dollar collapses. At that point, these local communities that depended on federal money will be plunged into panic, destitution and chaos because they no longer have organic, private sector, free market businesses that are owned and operated by local people.

You are essentially watching a communist-style takeover of America’s local economies under the cover of COVID “relief” funds. These funds are providing a kind of Universal Basic Income to local government municipalities, and with that bailout money, these local governments become increasingly dependent on federal money while deepening their compliance with federal mandates (such as vaccine compliance).

This is truly a federal swamp takeover of America through COVID “relief” funds. But instead of being a relief, it’s more like a marxist nightmare of economic tyranny and medical totalitarianism.

Texas is about to distribute over $16 billion in federal funds to local cities and counties

In Texas, the group providing the best coverage of this federal “relief” funding takeover is TexasRightToKnow.com. On that site, you’ll learn about SB 8 and HB 145 (Texas Senate and House bills) which have been rocketing through committees at record pace, desperate to distribute $16.3 billion in funds handed to Texas by the federal government under the American Rescue Plan of 2021.

Those funds are about to be deposited into the bank accounts of counties, cities, schools and even some Texas businesses. But it’s all a trap: Anyone who accepts such funds will be contractually obliged to push vaccine mandates for all employees, contractors and subcontractors.

Any entity that accepts these funds without complying with Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate may face bank account seizure, fines and demands to return the full amount of the relief funds to the federal government.

The Federal Reserve and US Treasury are causing the demise of the dollar in the first place

The only reason cities, counties and states are desperate for bailout money is because the money printing madness of the Federal Reserve and US Treasury is only accelerating. Endless money printing has now collided with COVID labor force lockdowns (due to vaccine mandates) to create a “perfect storm” of supply chain disruptions, empty shelves, price inflation and food inflation.

The Epoch Times reveals some of the price inflation that’s already impacting America due to supply chain shortages and price inflation:

Gas: 42.1 percent
Meats, poultry, fish, and eggs: 10.5 percent
Propane, kerosene, and firewood: 27.6 percent
Fuel oil: 42.6 percent
Electricity: 5.2 percent
Bacon and similar products: 19.3 percent
Uncooked beef steaks: 22.1 percent
Furniture: 11.2 percent
Used cars and trucks: 24.4 percent
Rental cars: 42.9 percent

Yet to address the very problem they have created by printing too much fake fiat currency, the powers that be have decided to print more money and distribute it to government entities which will use it to displace private sector employees and services. Given the incredible waste, corruption and inefficiency of government-run operations, this economic replacement strategy is going to be nothing less than catastrophic for America’s local economies.

The American people can therefore expect a sharp worsening of supply chains, reduced availability of first responders, shocking food inflation and the continued (accelerated) demise of the dollar.

This is obviously going to lead to a tipping point of public frustration and anger which will almost certainly spill into the streets in the form of social chaos and an angry revolt. Notice that the poor will be harmed the most by these “free money” policies that are pursued under the cover of COVID “relief” funds.

As President Ronald Reagan said (paraphrased), the most frightening statement in the English language is, “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”

Exclusive interview with federal grant finance and compliance expert

Today at 2pm central on Brighteon.TV, we will be airing my exclusive interview with a federal grant finance and compliance expert who is attempting to sound the alarm over the vaccine mandates tied to federal relief money.

I also cover this topic in detail in today’s Situation Update podcast via Brighteon.com:


The full interview with my source on this will also be posted on the HR Report channel on Brighteon.com later today:



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