JetBlue pilot captures footage of shape-shifting UFO
01/20/2022 / By Kevin Hughes / Comments
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JetBlue pilot captures footage of shape-shifting UFO

A JetBlue Airways pilot captured on camera a mysterious white object while flying above 37,000 feet somewhere in Texas. The unidentified flying object (UFO) later disappeared before reappearing and apparently merging with another UFO.

“We witnessed it for about five minutes at which point it disappeared and then came back. It looked like two boxes melting into each other. Actual sighting was spectacular beyond what this video shows. We were stunned,” said the pilot. The pilot added that there was nothing showing on the radar for Air Traffic Control and on the Traffic Collision Avoidance System.

The pilot’s bestfriend, a Reddit user named “OffshoreAttorney,” posted the footage on the UFO community.

The 30-second video shows a “white spot” appearing on the horizon for a few seconds and slowly turning translucent before disappearing behind the bright blue sky and thick layers of clouds.

UFO fans said the pilots might have seen a stunning moment similar to what a United States Navy pilot declared in the Department of Defense report.

“‘Two boxes melting into each other’ sounds similar to the ‘cube inside a sphere’ reported by Lt. Ryan Graves, sometimes explained as some kind of radar reflector. Would love to see this zoomed in and stabilized,” a UFO fan said.

“Seems like it might’ve been a cool sighting based on the description but this video is useless in my opinion,” another UFO follower commented.

Some described the footage as “poor quality video,” while another asked: “Do pilots have binoculars in the cockpit?”


Radiation blast and warped time experience

A former Pentagon insider said that fighter pilots who intercept UFOs may suffer radiation blasts and experience warped time.

This was according to Luiz Elizondo, who once led the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) and later quit his job to openly talk about UFOs.

Videos of encounters between U.S. fighter aircraft and the UFOs, which are now generally known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the scientific community, were first issued by the Pentagon in 2020.

“I’ve got to be careful. I can’t speak too specifically, but one might imagine that you get a report from a pilot who says, ‘Lue, it’s really weird. I was flying and I got close to this thing and I came back home and it was like I got a sunburn. I was red for four days,'” said Elizondo when asked what type of health effects and other phenomenon pilots may suffer when they encounter UFOs.

Elizondo cited that it’s a sign of radiation or radiation burn, and a pilot might suffer symptoms indicative of microwave damage when they get too near a UFO.

He also said that a pilot may undergo a bizarre feeling like being stuck in time when he gets close to a UFO, which he called “warping of space time.”

Evidence of Tic Tac type UFOs

The former AATIP official added that he has evidence proving “Tic Tac type objects” have existed for 70 years.

Videos from fighter pilots that saw small white objects have also led to a U.S. government inquiry of UFOs. The Pentagon report said those UFOs might be a Russian or Chinese high performance aircraft. (Related: After decades of denials, the Pentagon admits it has been investigating UFOs … and still is, even today.)

“Well, if that were the case, this would be the greatest intelligence failure that this country has ever faced, including that of 9/11,” Elizondo said. “I have in my possession official U.S. government documentation that describes the exact same vehicle that we now call the Tic Tac being described in the early 1950s and early 1960s.”

The Tic Tac objects were first sighted by F/A-18 Super Hornet pilots operating from the American aircraft carrier Nimitz in 2004 off the coast of California.

Watch the video below to know more about UFOs.

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