Twitter actively protecting DOXXING posts by left-wing domestic terrorist groups that target conservative Americans… time to arrest Jack Dorsey for aiding and abetting terrorism?
10/26/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Twitter actively protecting DOXXING posts by left-wing domestic terrorist groups that target conservative Americans… time to arrest Jack Dorsey for aiding and abetting terrorism?

Not only are the social media behemoths responsible for directly censoring conservative, pro-POTUS Trump voices, but their CEOs are also increasingly being seen as complicit in what many believe are criminal invasions of privacy.

In recent weeks, the city of Portland, Ore. has become ground zero in what many believe could be the opening rounds of a new American civil war or, at a minimum, 1960s-style violence and unrest.

Rival factions of Alt-Left Antifa and conservative, Trump-friendly organizations like Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer routinely battle each other on city streets. And last week, Left-wing anarchists who took over several blocks could be seen on social media antagonizing and threatening passing motorists.

Mind you, the violence goes both ways but when it first began, Leftist anarchists were responsible; since then, Right-leaning groups show up expecting to be attacked and are merely fighting back when they are. (Related: Radical left-wing activists call for violent revolution in Austin, Texas… leave bloody pig heads at conservative campaign offices as warning.)

Videos are usually posted to social media. But that’s not all. As Far Left Watch reports, Twitter has looked the other way as Antifa members in Seattle and elsewhere have been doxxing federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on the platform:

In the lead up to the midterms, social media giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook have rolled out waves of censorship designed to minimize the influence of conservative activists online. Despite the consistent suspension of conservative and right-wing accounts, Twitter has taken no action against hundreds of violent far-left accounts that use the platform to recruit new members and organize criminal activity.

Aren’t the social media CEOs aiding and abetting domestic terrorism?

In June, Greater Seattle GDC, a violent Antifa cell, used their Twitter account to dox 37 ICE agents, putting their names, addresses, and phone numbers online so they could be targeted and/or harassed and threatened.

“This violates multiple Twitter Terms of Service and this has been brought to Twitter’s attention on numerous occasions throughout the last two months,” Far Left Watch reports.

And though the violations have been reported several times to Twitter officials, accounts used in doxxing ‘attacks’ are still live and have not been taken down.

Far Left Watch has even reported Antifa TOS violations and still nothing has been done to the offending accounts.

Meanwhile, accounts belonging to Infowars and Alex Jones, among many other conservative pro-Trump voices, have been banned completely.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube have also looked the other way when it comes to Left-wing violations of terms of service. Conservatives and pro-Trump voices are given no quarter; the Left is given a wide berth.

Last year, three lawmakers – Reps. Katherine Clark, D-Mass.; Susan Brooks, R-Ind.; and Patrick Meehan, R-Pa. – proposed legislation that would make doxxing a federal crime as part of an online safety bill.

It hasn’t gone anywhere, however. So, it’s time to try another approach. Since CEOs like Twitter boss Jack Dorsey refuse to enforce their own terms of service when it comes to Left-wing tactics, it’s time to revisit an Obama-era designation and arrest him and others for aiding and abetting domestic terrorism.

As a result of increased calls for action, the AWOL mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, finally proposed an emergency ordinance this week that would empower police to physically separate protesters and counter-protesters, then move all of those who have a history of violent encounters into specially designated zones under additional police supervision, Zero Hedge reported.

“I will not allow continued, planned street violence between rival factions to take place in Portland, Oregon,” he said Monday at a news conference, two days after Antifa, Proud Boys, and Patriot Prayer members beat and assaulted each other on the streets, including the use of pepper spray. Several were reportedly injured.

We’ll see about that. Wheeler is the same sort of Leftist that Jack Dorsey is and the other social media CEOs. They’ll look the other way if “the right” is being targeted.

Read more about Antifa’s violent tactics at

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