Survival and TEOTWAWKI: Tips for bugging in and what to do if you want to bug out
12/11/2020 / By Virgilio Marin / Comments
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Survival and TEOTWAWKI: Tips for bugging in and what to do if you want to bug out

Bugging in is an ideal option if you like to stay at home. When TEOTWAWKI strikes, you have all of your belongings with you and are able to navigate the area more skillfully. But as the reality of the situation sets in, more and more people are going to turn to looting and thieving for food.

It’s important to prepare for these marauders to keep your home and your family safe. Keep these tips in mind if you’re bugging in: (h/t to

Have something for self-defense

Firearms are naturally a must, but you have to choose which firearm works best for you. You need to be adept at using them as simply owning them isn’t going to guarantee your safety. But if you feel more secure with a bigger gun but you’re still not familiar with it, you can always use the time before TEOTWAWKI and train at a shooting range. Keep in mind that you also need to stockpile ammo.

Besides firearms, you could consider having smoke bombs, homemade explosives and bows and arrows. The latter may sound like they’re no match for other kinds of weapons, but they offer stealth. In addition, you can make your own homemade arrows so you wouldn’t have to run out of ammo.

Blend in

Security after TEOTWAWKI means blending in. To do so, you need to inspect your neighborhood and ask yourself what “normal” looks like on your street. Your yard and house should look the same as the rest of your neighbors.

The presence of a garden in your backyard could immediately alert marauders that someone lives there. The secret is to build a garden that doesn’t look like one. Some effective disguise tactics include gardening in wooded areas, planting in natural growing patterns instead of rows and surrounding crops with mundane plant deterrents.

You should also watch out for the smell of delicious food or the presence of security cameras around your house. These cues and clues are commonly missed as they are not as obvious as keeping quiet or turning off the lights at your home.

Form an alliance with preppers

Having a network of trustworthy preppers can inform you of potential hazards and cover for you in case you’re safety is on the line. Of course, you are also expected to do the same for them. But that’s a small price to pay considering that not many people could be trusted after TEOTWAWKI. That said, choose your survival group wisely. (Related: Mobility or defense: Should you bug out or bug in when SHTF?.)

What to do if you’re forced to bug out

You could do all the prepping you want and, still, people will find a way to sniff you out. Humans are not stupid, after all. Your best bet is to leave the premises and bug out. Here’s what to do before you’re forced to leave your home:

  • Plan your escape routes and bug-out location. Consider all your options and keep two to four of them so you have a back-up plan, in case marauders suddenly surprise you along your way.
  • Get in touch with the people at your bug-out shelter. You don’t want to show up at your destination and find out that the people there have already left. Worse yet, you walk into an ambush.
  • Consider the logistics of your travel. Prepare a bug-out car and make sure you have enough fuel. In some cases, you might be forced to abandon your car, so having a back-up bicycle will be handy.
  • Prepare a bug-0ut bag. Pack all of the essentials but keep them tight. A heavy haul can slow you down.

When TEOTWAWKI hits close to home, bugging out will be the ideal course of action to get yourself and your family to safety. That is, however, an option that’s best left untapped. Consider these bugging in tips to fortify your home.

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